Up and coming events at Piersland House

EVENTS for 2020

Gin Afternoon Tea £19.95 - Sunday 5th April

Wine Tasting Evening £29.95 - Friday 6th March 

Murder Mystery “The Dalliance”. Saturday 21st March

£42.50 per person 

This drama is based on a blend of fact and fiction, to incorporate some local history.   It is 10th August 1935 Your characters are Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, her husband Hendrik and their only child Juliana who will one day herself become Queen of the Netherlands. They have come to St Fillans for a holiday and are staying at Drummond Arms Hotel. The Queen loves it here and enjoys doing some painting in the area. There is a young man called John McGregor, his mother is the post mistress Jean McGregor and there is a kitchen help called Molly McLaren at The Drummond Arms Hotel. All is not well in this royal family, it does involve the village, people have been keeping secrets from each other and SOMEONE WILL DIE. The police will be requiring your help in determining who killed the victim!